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Sports Mouth Guards for Children

We recommend custom-made sports mouth guards to protect your children's teeth, mouths and jaws during sports.

Protection is the Goal

Mouth guards are designed to protect children's teeth from being damaged or injured while they're playing sports. While generic mouth guards can be purchased inexpensively at many sporting goods stores, a custom-made mouth guard provide by far the best protection.

Why should children wear mouth guards?

A custom-made mouth guard will protect children's teeth, of course, but it will also their necks,mouths, and jaws while they play sports. They can even provide some protection for the head, and in some cases can help to prevent concussions. Sports guards should be considered as important a part of a child's sports equipment as helmets or shin guards.

How are custom-fitted mouth guards made?

To fit a child with a custom-made mouth guard, two appointments are at our office are required.

At the first appointment, we'll take an impression of your child's teeth. This impression will be sent to our lab, where it will be used to create the custom mouth guard. 

At the second appointment, our team will examine the mouth guard to make sure the fit is correct, and that it stays snugly in the mouth, but is still comfortable.

Custom-fitted mouth guards provide optimum protection for your children's beautiful smiles, no matter what sport they play! 

Do insurance plans cover the price of a mouth guard for my child?

Certain insurance plans will cover a portion or all of the expense of a child's custom-fitted sports guard. For more detail, contact your insurance provider.

Sports Mouth Guards for Children, Surrey Dentist

If your child plays sports, contact the Cloverdale Crossing Dental Group Team today and book an appointment for a custom mouth guard fitting.

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