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Sedation Options for Anxious Patients

At Cloverdale Crossing Dental Group, we offer sedation services for patients who feel anxious about their next dental appointment.

Nervous about visiting the dentist?

If you get anxious about visiting the dentist, you're not alone. Often, even people who go to the dentist on a regular basis still feel anxious about it.

Fear is one of the biggest reason people avoid dentists. But it doesn't have to be!

Fearful patients no longer have to be afraid of the dentist. Getting the treatment you need, can be done easily while you are totally relaxed and comfortable.

We offer a variety of sedation options that will help your relax while undergoing dental procedures. That means that you can get dental care when you need it, without fear – and that results in better oral health!

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation for dentistry is when we use medication to help ease patients' anxiety before, during and after dental treatment.

Sedation is often recommended for patients who get highly anxious about dental procedures, or who have extensive treatment needs, time constraints, and/or a severe gag reflex.

Why Oral Sedation?

Sedation has many benefits that make getting your dentistry possible. Being sedated using oral medications means there are no needles. While you do not actually sleep during treatment, you will be sleepy–sedated just enough to make you totally relaxed and at ease.

One of the best parts is that by the next day, most people remember little-to-nothing of the time they spent in the dental chair. Gone are memories of the sights, sounds, and smells of the office that are often so traumatizing.

With sedation dentistry, time seems to pass very quickly, so hours feel like minutes. It’s a great option if you need a large amount of dental care completed at one time. Oral sedation enables your dentist to work more efficiently and complete more treatment in fewer visits, reducing four or five appointments to just one or two.

Many dental procedures can be completed with the help of sedation dentistry, including crown work, routine extractions, dentures, filling cavities, gum care, tooth whitening, bonding, hygiene, even root canals! It IS possible for you to smile with confidence and chew without pain.

How does it work?

After a consultation and health history review are completed, you and your dentist will decide on a treatment plan that’s right for you. Together, you will select the best oral sedation medications and protocol to meet your individual needs.

Sometimes a pill is given to take the night before the appointment and/or one hour prior. You will arrive (with your companion) at the office already feeling relaxed, maybe even drowsy. Once there, your dentist will decide whether or not to administer more medication.

Since the purpose of oral sedation dentistry is to make you as comfortable as possible, you’ll be encouraged to come to your appointment wearing loose, comfortable clothing. You’ll be covered in a thick, warm blanket to relax with while you’re waiting treatment to begin.

Sedation Options, Surrey Dentist

Is Dental Sedation for You?

We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable during each appointment at Cloverdale Crossing Dental Group, and reducing your anxiety about your dental procedures is an important part of that.

If you experience any of the issues listed below, please talk to our team about sedation for dentistry:

  • Fear of needles or pain
  • High anxiety about dental treatment
  • Difficulty getting numb with local anaesthetic
  • Sensitivity to sensory stimulation (touch, smells, sights and sounds)
  • Very sensitive teeth
  • Extensive dental treatment
  • Complicated procedures
  • Strong gag reflex
  • TMJ issues - difficulty opening mouth
  • Young child in need of treatment

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